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President Trump State of the Union Address (LiveBlog)

Tonight, President Donald Trump delivers his first ever State of the Union in front of a joint session of Congress. Article II Section 3 of the Constitution, which requires the President to do such, reads as follows: He shall from

President Trump’s rally in Melbourne, Florida

Resident Trump is hosting a rally in Melbourne, Florida, today. The rally had started at 5 as we await Trump stepping to the podium, the other spears are pumping the crowd up. There is no set purpose for the rally

Inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th United States President

Today the United States gets to witness the peaceful transfer of power from one president to another. The official swearing-in of President-Elect Donald Trump as President is scheduled for 12PM Eastern, but there are other activities going on besides that.

Sean Spicer First Press Briefing

As President Barack Obama gave his final press conference of his presidency yesterday, President-Elect Donal Trump’s incoming Press Secretary Sean Spicer is preparing to give his first press briefing. I will provide highlights, commentary, observation, and a bit of snark