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Republican National Convention – Day 4 (LiveBlog)

Today is Day 4 of the Republican National Convention. On this day we will hear Donald Trump give his coronation speech, and also hear from businessman and former NFL player Fran Tarkenton, as well as Representative Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee,

Republican National Convention – Day 3 (LIVEBLOG)

Today is Day 3 of the Republican National convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Today begins the accpetance speeches of the two coronators. Today it is Indiana Governor Mike Pence, and tomorrow will be Donald Trump. I will bring you all the

Republican National Convention – Day 2 (LiveBlog)

Today is Day 2 of the Republican National convention in Cleveland, Ohio. After the dustup yesterday with the Rules committee floor debacle (which you can read at the Convention looks to coronate Donald Trump. The convention is set to

Republican National Convention – Day 1 Liveblog

Beginning when the gavel clangs in at 1 PM Eastern, and going all through the remainder of the week, I will be doing a live blog of the Repuvlican Convention gavel to gavel. I will also be doing gavel to