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When I had first started my Rant Blog in 2005, I had unknowingly entered the realm known as NEW MEDIA and CITIZEN JOURNALISM. Oh sure I would be ranting on my blog about stuff I would see and hear in the media but at the time I did not know what New Media or Citizen Journalism entailed or how one would be a part of it. So from 2005 until about 2011 I was plodding along just ranting about certain things with no real direction. Then two events happened which changed my life and my line of thinking.

The first event happened on June 21, 2011. Herman Cain, a former executive at Godfather's Pizza as well as a former radio talk show host of WSB 750 AM out of Atlanta, Georgia, had tossed his hat into the ring as a nominee for the 2012 Presidential Election. Cain handled himself well in the debates and even led in the polls about the end of October which came on the heels of him winning the Florida Presidency 5 Straw Poll. He enjoyed his lead until he was falsely accused of sexual harassment by 4 women and then decided to bow out of the race on December 3, 2011.

The second event was in two parts. The first part was at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on February 10, 2012. I was not at CPAC in person but I did watch the speeches online. One of the speakers was Andrew Breitbart, the purveyor of a news aggregate site called Breitbart.com, who had spoken mostly about unity and also how people can reject false narratives that the mainstream media (also known as the "Old Media") put out on TV and in the newspaper and even online.

The second part of the second event occurred about 3 weeks after Andrew Breitbart spoke at CPAC. That was a day which will forever live in new media infamy. It was on that day, March 1, 2012, that Andrew Breitbart had died of a heart attack while walking his dog close to his Los Angeles, California, home. Also, on that day in a conversation with Harriet Baldwin, my then co-host on a new talk radio show I had started a few days before called Red, Right, and Blue, I came to understand and fully embrace the term "Citizen Journalism" and decided to toss my blogs into the New Media forum on a full-time basis.

In December, 2013, I had decided to expand my writing and as such I joined a new media website known as Citizen Journalist News as a writer and editor.

In February, 2014, I had started the site Rick Bulow, New Media as a part of the main website which I had coined Rick's Crazed World and also became a member of Team Ninja which is led by Wayne Dupree.

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